Annnual Tibetan Spelling Bee Competition among different classe

Admin    12 Jun 2023    729

Today, monday the 12th June 2023: Much looked forward to SJSS Tibetan Spelling Bee (Contest) was held in School Auditorium at 09: 00 AM, in presence of School Administrators, educators and entire students. There was an immense excitement, enthusiasm and interest among all Classes Children. It turned out to be one of most engaging and enthralling educational event held as part of Annual Academic Activities. This certainly augurs well for the preservation and sustenance of traditional Tibetan Language and Buddhist culture in present times.  The students mostly from Himalayan regions, also deserve accolades for living up to the school’s expectations. The Tibetan Language Teachers well deserve special commendation for maintaining the Tibetan Language temper and deep-rooted interest and passion by the young student who will one day assume huge responsibility in society and in the world. The winners of all sections are richly appreciated and acknowledged with the presentation of traditional KHATA scarves by honorable School Directors amidst thunderous applause from the audience.