Our Principal Attending the First HoL Meeting

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A Brief Report on First (HoL) Meeting:

In the backdrop of challenges Schools face of the technology-driven modern time, Central Board of Secondary Education has come out with an innovative idea for the CBSE affiliated Schools to share cooperate and learn from each other by forming a small group of four neighboring Schools as Hub of Learning (HoL) aimed at raising the bar on the standard of School education in India. One of the Schools is designated as the Lead Collaborator School. 

With the invitation for the first HoL meeting received from NPS International School, Mysore, as the lead Collaborator School of our group, the latest innovative initiative, and 'HoL' springs to life.

With full of excitement and anticipation, on Wednesday the 3rd July, 2019, I attended the first HoL Meeting, hosted by NPS International School, Mysore, as the Lead Collaborator School. It was a joyous and uplifting experience to me. In fact, it is a matter of great happiness and pride to see a World-Class School like NPS International School in the heritage Mysore City. This befits India's global stature as the hub of Learning and knowledge and the global knowledge power-house since ancient times!  Merely having a glimpse of the sprawling School campus, welcoming faculty members and bright smiling students give one a feeling of being transported to a divine realm of which every facade is resonating with quest for knowledge, wisdom, ancient culture and values which instills nobility and divinity in humans making to them to rise above other sentient beings and bring glory to humanity!

The meeting and the ensuing interactive sessions gave us a new vision of possibilities in co-operating, sharing and learning from each other through such collaborative events and partnership. It was a hugely enriching and experiential learning experience. The meeting also opened up new vistas in educational management beyond confines of one's own School walls but to immerse in the wider seamless knowledge realm reigning high and gloriously in every reputed Temple of knowledge waiting to be explored and enriched by using today's edu-technological tools and internet-powered seamless knowledge resources and potentials. 

I must thank, Principal, Madam Shubha Achaiah, faculty members and students for the excellent arrangement and for their warm and exuberant hospitality!  We look forward to more similar creative, educational synergy learning exchange program in the near future which will position us on to a new high trajectory in School education management and innovative development.

Geshe Rinchen Tsering


Sera Je Secondary School (Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi)

Bylakuppe-571 104 Mysore Dist. South India.