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The School is fully dependent on foreign aids and assistances including sponsorship support for its necessary funds. A small fraction of the expenses is met with the profit made from the income-generating units, such as, the Siddhartha Guest House and Canteen and Lotus Handicraft Center. Individual sponsors who contribute sponsorship money for the School through Swiss based Organization, ‘Les amis du Tibet’ headed by Madam Josiane Tallon and Madam Nicole Jaccoud, form the backbone of the School’s financial resource. Funds pooled from other Organizations from Germany, Italy, France, UK, USA, Taiwan, also help to meet the costs of the School Services. Among them, Most Venerable Lama Thupten Zopa Rinpoche’s the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition, Mrs. Imtraut Wager’s German Aid to Tibetans, AIDE A L'ENFANCE TIBETAINE, Paris, TIBETISCHES ZENTRUM e.V., Hamburg, Germany, Geshe Jampa Gyatso’s Istituto Lama Tsongkhapa, Pomaia, Italy, have been longtime financial supporters of the School. Venerable Hai Tao’s ‘LIFE T.V’. Company in Taiwan recently became supporter of the School.

The School administration is independently responsible for the entire fund received by the School as well as all the expenses incurred by the School. The Books of Accounts are audited by the Chartered Accountants and Audit Reports are annually submitted to both the State Government concerned offices and the Central Government Offices, at the end of each fiscal year.

The School has one experienced Accountant and Two Cashiers who manage the funds and also maintain Books of accounts for the School.

Main Financial Supporters

First major financial support came from Luca Corona, Italian family, who funded a new School building with Senior Classrooms, administrative office, students dining hall and conference hall plus staff quarters and recreation room for staff. With this new School building in 1986, SJSS was formally reorganized and fully upgraded to High School level. Most Venerable Kangyurwa Khensur Rinpoche, the then Sera Jey Khenpo was the guiding force behind the success of the educational venture started in the Monastic Organisation. Mr. Lobsang Wangdhen la headed the School from 1983 to 1990 and Venerable Tenzin Sherab took charge from him as Principal in 1991. With Principal Tenzin Sherab, who was deputed to SJSS from C.S.T. Bylakuppe by Kasur Jetsun Pema la, came the biggest financial assistance and support from Les amis du Tibet, Geneva, Swiss Aid to Tibetans Organization headed by Madam Josiane Tallon and Nicole Jaccoud. Because of his charismatic personality and able leadership, the School rapid growth matched by extensive infrastructure development during his over a decade long tenure as a Principal of the School. In 1995 Present two-storied School Kitchen/Staff Dining Hall/Library/Guest House Building was built, fully funded by Les amis du Tibet, Swiss. It has staff dining hall, Mess and Storeroom, in the ground floor; Library and School Guest Houses on the first floor. In 1997, School had only a muddy path leading to School from main road, which was converted, into a well-laid asphalted road; the same year, a two-storied School Canteen Cum Guest House was built.

The other principal main donors of the School are: The late Venerable Geshe Thupten Ngawang’s Tibetan Buddhist Center, Hamburg, Germany, has been funding part of the Teachers Salary. Most Venerable Lama Thupten Zopa Rinpoche’s the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition, has been funding part of the expenses incurred on the food provided to the students and staff. Mrs. Imtraut Wager’s German Aid to Tibetans, has been supporting a number of poor monks through SJSS; Aide a’ L’ Enfance Tibetaine, Paris, France, has also been sponsoring over a dozen of the students and some of the settlers from the Bylakuppe Camp; Institute Lama Tsongkhapa, Pomaia, Italy, had been sponsoring twenty students from a very early years of the School. Few years back this sponsorship support was renewed after a plea made the School and today School continue to receive the funds. There are also some other organizations helping the School occasionally. Individual sponsorship support continues to remain the backbone of the financial assistance received through above donor organizations and also received directly from the sponsors themselves.

In recent years, our Taiwanese Buddhist Organizations and benefactors have joined in supporting our financial needs. Among them, Most Venerable Hai Tao and his ‘Life TV’ company has made substantial financial contribution to the School resources in the form of donations. We are also thankful to our Singapore Buddhist benefactors for their part of financial assistance given to the School.

Sponsorship Program

As mentioned above, Individual student sponsorship program is the backbone of the School fund and financial resource. Sponsorship support is sought for the students for the period of their stay in the School, which means, in case of a Class One boy, maximum 10 years. Once students complete School education and leaves School to join main Monastic University, the sponsors have the option to accept a new boy as replacement or to discontinue the support altogether. There are still a large number of students for whom we are looking for sponsorship support from kindhearted prospective sponsors.
The standard sponsorship support request for one year is US$300.00. But the School does not insist on this standard sponsorship amount. We leave it up to the individual sponsors to decide how much he/she will send in a year depending on his/her personal financial status.

The sponsorship money can be sent in two to six month’s period or annually in the form of a Cheque/ International Money Order/and Draft, or by money transfer through bank made in favor of “SERA JE SCHOOL”. Account NO: SB A/C NO. 9171, Syndicate Bank, Bylakuppe Branch. SWIFT No…………………SYNDICATE BANK, BYLAKUPPE BRANCH.

Any amount is welcome and most valuable to the School. There is no upper or lower limit for the amount of money to be sent as sponsorship support by a sponsor. We welcome any amount with much gratitude as any amount of money makes a difference to resources and therefore is helpful to us immensely.

Case Histories of the students who need sponsorship support are sent by School office to the interested persons, directly or through our support organization ‘ Les amis du Tibet’, Geneva, Switzerland. Once School received confirmation of acceptance of the boys from the sponsors, School will start sending news and reports on educational progress of the boy on regular basis. The sponsor will also receive personal letter and artwork from his/her godson, and there will follow a uninterrupted direct correspondence between the boy and sponsor till the boy graduates from School. Personal communication is facilitated to give authenticity to the sponsorship programme and to bring in transparency in our work with regard to the sponsorship support programme and also as a means to enable the students to practically improve English writing skill through correspondence with their sponsors. This also helps to keep sponsors abreast of student’s academic progress and life in the School.